Open Mind
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is a research and development partnership founded in 1990.

History: We began conducting business as Open Mind in 1990 in Gardena, California as a contracting/consulting firm devoted to advanced software development and research. Our first project, begun that year for Walt Disney Computer Software, was an interactive entertainment technology called Big Time (later renamed Dog Eat Dog), a system that uses artificial intelligence techniques to create realistic simulated interactive dialogue. The project was later moved to Trilobyte, Inc. Open Mind now owns the full rights to the technology and material and is currently searching for ways to market the technology on the Internet.

We are also the creators of the Developer, an object-oriented language and integrated development environment.

Currently, we have a number of ongoing projects, including work on a generative programming language called Meta: a fully extensible language that allows one to add domain-specific abstractions and new language features as needed.

Note: we are not affiliated with OPEN MIND Technologies AG; please consult their Web site for more information about their CAD/CAM products.

If you are looking for Open Mind International, makers of language immersion instructional software, please consult their web site for more information.

If you are looking for Open Mind Media, a marketing communications and marketing media firm, please consult their web site for more information.

Please visit the Web site of our sister company, Ministry of Thought LLC, a full-service Internet and multimedia development company.